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SIMPLA comes with several templates to choose from, which can be used for almost any type of site. You can use your own design. To install it, read the developer documentation or contact the developer from among our partners.


SIMPLA has a rich functionality, allowing you to quickly create a website of any type for a couple of minutes - a corporate site, a business card site, a blog, a website of a real estate agency or beauty salon, an online store. Upload photos, files, search, selection of goods by parameters, feedbacks and much more.


The SIMPLA is supplied with rich documentation. It is enough to have basic computer skills and office applications to understand how to manage the site. If you have any questions, then help documentation, answers to common questions from users, or you can contact customer support.


The control system and most templates are supplied in the adaptive version. This means that access to the site and management of it will be possible not only on the computer, but also on the mobile device, and without any improvements and corrections. Visitors to your site will also be able to see the correct version of the site from any device.


SIMPLA allows you to take a fresh look at the management of the site. Now it's easy and simple, and changing the information on the site will not cause problems. Some functions can be delegated to individual employees by sharing the authority of the sales department and the site's content department, for example. As the site grows, you can use more complex functions that will allow you to get a powerful site with rich features at a minimal price.


The installer will help you install and configure the SIMPLA for your site.


Specify contact information, fill the site with the necessary information and suggestions.


Take visitors, customers, calls and orders. Improve the site and there will be more.

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Rodion 22.05.2017

Советуем всем своим клиентам Симплу в первую очередь. Это позволяет экономить на создании сайта, а вырученные деньги пустить на рекламу.

Sergey 22.05.2017

Мы взяли сайт на пробу и не пожалели! Действительно, сайт уже готов к работе и с ним не сложно разобраться.